MECGEM designs and manufactures technological solutions for water treatment in the industrial sector, treatment of industrial sludge, chemical, oil and mineral products.

Innovative and cutting-edge solutions to guarantee maximum effectiveness in complete safety.

Services provided:

  • consultancy
  • design
  • development
  • nstallation
  • assistance and maintenance
  • Funding

Process water treatment

Mecgem has the expertise to design waste water and sludge treatment plants for manufacturing and industrial activities, whether they are for industrial, chemical, oil, mineral, food sectors, thanks to the use of press filters or cross-flow systems. This allows to recover substances in solid phase (either this is production or waste) and separate them from the liquid phase. Depending on the situation, improvements in production or reduction in disposal costs can be achieved.

Industrial sludge treatment

Treatment of chemical products

Treatment of oil products

Treatment of mineral products