The food and beverage sector is rather vast and includes a wide range of products and types of companies with different needs.
In this sector, therefore, filtration finds various fields of application, from certain steps in the primary production cycle to secondary processes for the treatment of sub-products or processing waste, which may involve the recovery of materials for economic or ecological reasons.
Mecgem can provide customised solutions making the most of consolidated technologies that aim to improve its customers’ current situations that, in addition to improving yield or efficiency, have characteristics including robustness and ease of use.

Not only has Mecgem gained specific know-how on filtration, it can also provide ancillary equipment to complete the systems.


In the wine-making sector, Mecgem can provide professional advice, services and systems as regards the various production stages, from reception/pressing to clarification and enrichment, from refrigeration to storage, thanks to its in-depth know-how in the sector.

Its several years of proven experience gained in all filtration techniques, ranging between the classic Mecgem techniques to those of a more innovative nature, makes the company the ideal technological partner for the improvement of the wine-making process. More specifically, thanks to cross-flow technology, we develop micro-filtration or must enrichment systems.

As pioneers in wine lees filtration, we have developed a robust, reliable cross-flow system specific for the filtration of wine lees or the treatment of dregs generating increases in the yield of the top quality product, reducing waste and consequently making a greater profit. This makes it possible to eliminate the use of kieselguhr (fossil flour), necessary for example in alternative processes such as the filter press, resulting in improved working conditions and a cleaner environment.

Reception and pressing

Refrigeration and storage

Clarification and enrichment



The number of micro-breweries that produce their own product for their customers to consume has grown in recent years.

This applies both to pubs, agro-breweries and bottled beer producers. Mecgem has the know-how and experience to deliver complete systems for the production of various types of beer, assisting its customers throughout the production process, from the field to the bottling stage.

From the choice of raw materials to the malting, the brewing, and then through the various degrees of filtration, for example, filtration suitable only for the removal of yeasts or the kind that aims to obtain a perfectly clear beer.
By means of our consultancy service, we provide advice to those who wish to start up a production system or those who consider improving an existing one.
We develop the process that is best suited to our customers' needs, providing filtration systems that respect the organoleptic and foam-tight characteristics of the original product.
Development of complete craft beer systems

Realizzazione di Impianti completi per birra artigianale


In the oil sector we can provide solutions for filtration and storage that make it possible to obtain top quality oil.

The treatment and pressing of olives results in a by-product, or waste product, the so-called vegetation water, i.e. waste water generated by the oil production process, which can therefore be disposed of at lower costs, making it possible to recover molecules and substances that are interesting due to their properties, which can be used, for example, in the probiotic food or food supplement sector.

This leads to a recovery of disposal costs and added value in revenues.

Vegetation water treatment

Fruit juices and
beverages in general

Filtration, clarification, enrichment, heat exchange, blending and mixing, de-aeration, CIP cleaning.

These are the stages for which we are able to provide system design assistance or the overhaul of systems and their production flows.

By focusing on filtration, we provide our customer companies with answers regarding the treatment of clear juices, purées as well as de-colourisation or enrichment processes, while always taking into consideration the robustness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the technical solutions proposed.

Filtration and clarification 

Enzymatic inactivation

Heat exchange

Blending and mixing

Packaging and filling

De-aeration and CIP cleaning

distilled spirits

Filtration and treatment of products deriving from distillation.

In addition to the classic filtration systems, we can provide an innovative membrane filtration system, made entirely from stainless steel, guaranteeing maximum product stability from an organoleptic and aromatic point of view, with no alcohol content limits and in compliance with current regulations for products for food use or which are explosion-proof.

Systems for the production of high-quality whisky and grappa distillates.