It deals with research, development and production of technological solutions for various sectors (e.g. food and beverages, industrial, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutraceutical and many other sectors). it is a dynamic company, capable of fulfilling and optimally satisfying the needs of its customers, meeting market needs.

It provides technological and innovative solutions aimed at optimising the qualitative and quantitative yield of the production, without neglecting the solidity of the achievements, which results in a reduction in maintenance requirements.


We provide our customers with filtration solutions to be included in their production processes aiming at improving the production and process yield, taking advantage of the many years of specific experience gained by our technicians alongside innovative solutions. We believe that a winning solution is one that considers, in addition to the main production objectives, also aspects related to robustness, ease of use and reduction of ancillary costs, without neglecting environment-related aspects.



Thanks to our new project, we are able to recover processing waste giving added value to the recovered product and reducing disposal costs. An innovative solution to enhance "waste" materials.

For example: the recovery of lees, the recovery of polyphenolic substances, polyphenols from various types of plants, extraction by infusion or mechanically preserving organoleptic characteristics.

Simplicity and purity

An entirely mechanical extraction or recovery system, free from filtering aids and chemical agents.

Reliability and durability

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and materials, we are able to provide system reliability and durability.

The utmost efficiency

Our filtering system is equipped with high-strength stainless steel membranes to ensure the utmost efficiency and reliability of the process. The materials of construction and mechanical process guarantee lower maintenance costs and make the system suitable for a wide range of products to be treated.


with us

We are a dynamic enterprise seeking constant improvement. We are currently looking for motivated people to join our workforce.

If you think you are the right person for our team, please fill in the form and send us your CV.

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