food products and powder transport

The food industry is exceptionally large and involves various types of processing and transformation processes. In addition to traditional production processes, in recent decades, other products have become popular, ranging from dehydrated food, as found in the fast-food industry, to dietary supplements of either natural or synthetic origin.

That said, Mecgem can provide fluid management technology, from low viscosity liquids to concentrated products, purées and jellies or food powders.

In terms of the product, the important thing for those who produce it is to keep the quality level as close as can be to the defined standards, reducing as much as possible the waste and/or the cost of production waste disposal.

It will be important to make an assessment of the costs/benefits in planning the work process, which could be more efficient by recovering some substances, that are currently disposed of, or lost, with the consequent reduction of disposal costs.

Dietary fibres

Extraction of fibres from food products

In addition to providing custom systems for the extraction of fibrous or solid components in liquids, we study and design and, thanks to our innovative technologies, we are able to exploit mechanical and natural processes that enable us to maintain the quality of the final product.


Sugar extraction from food products

Thanks to our innovative technologies we are able to recover sugars of various kinds, originating from various sources, both from natural and semi-finished products, and thus recover them from waste.

The raw materials obtained in a natural way are free from filtering aids or chemical treatments. As mentioned above, the optimisation of the production process can lead to considerable cost-savings, guaranteeing low product losses as well as a positive environmental impact.